5 Reasons to Love RVing

As you may have already discovered, there are countless reasons to love RVing. For one, it's a great way to see the country. You get to explore places that you wouldn't be able to if you were to fly, go by car, or take a bus/train. You become more in-touch with the outdoors and get to a simpler, more peaceful way of living. But it also goes deeper than that.

Here are the top 5 reasons why people love RVing over other forms of travel: 

 1. Never Feel Homesick

Having an RV means you get to take your home away from home with you on your travels. You don’t have to stay in a hotel or potentially sketchy rental. You get all the comforts of home (i.e.: knowingly clean bed sheets, towels, kitchen accessories, etc.). 

When camping in an RV, you have your own kitchen supplies, allowing you to cook-in and save money. With a private bathroom, there's no need to use your campground’s facilities. RV camping provides your own liberating, personal space.

2. Pack to Your Heart's Content

It's true that there is limited storage space in an RV, but you still have more room for all your luggage and recreational items (i.e.: bikes, coolers, fishing poles, etc.) than you would traveling by plane, car, bus, or train. You don’t have to worry about airline suitcase weight restrictions, or limited vehicle trunk space.

In an RV, you can keep items in storage bays, inside the living quarters, or even on the back of your RV (i.e.: on a bumper mounted cargo carrier). When it comes to RV storage space, you can simply pack more than any other mode of travel.

3. Bring Your Dog or Cat

Boarding an animal, or hiring a pet sitter is both emotionally-draining and expensive. Rather than leaving your pet behind for a few days (or several weeks), your dog or cat can accompany you while you travel. When staying in an RV, you don’t have to bother booking pet-friendly hotel rooms along your route. Nothing is better than having your best friend with you on your journeys!

4. Travel Flexibility

RV travel provides more flexibility than other mode of travel. For example, when you fly, you have to deal with specific arrival and departure times. Once at the airport, you have to check-in bags, battle long lines, go through security, and find your gate.

You control your own schedule when you RV—how long and far you drive, where you stop, and where you stay. You get to take things as they come…leisurely, with less stress and wasted time.

5. Family Bonding & Creating Memories

Daily life gets hectic between work, school, and other obligations. RVing is the perfect solution for families to reconnect and spend quality time together. Just make sure you bring board games, movies, and other items for everyone to enjoy. This bonding time will create priceless memories of everyone together, without all the everyday distractions.



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