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Eaz-Lift Adjustable RV Screw-On Sway Control, Left-Mounted

Eaz-Lift Adjustable RV Screw-On Sway Control, Left-Mounted

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Eaz-Lift's Left-Mounted Sway Controls help provide safer, easier towing by minimizing sway caused by passing trucks and sudden wind gusts. The adjustable sway control can easily be turned off in dangerous or icy road conditions. This product is compatible with Eaz-Lift weight distribution hitches with adjustable sway control and is for use on the left, driver side of your trailer. Features on/off control as well as double friction pads to provide constant sway reduction. Comes with a slide bar, crank handle, spring clips, friction plate, ball tongue plate, self-tapping screws, and chrome tongue ball. This product attaches easily with socket and spring clips; and detaches quickly for storage. Constructed of heavy-duty steel.

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