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Camco RV 4N1 Straight Hose Adapter

Camco RV 4N1 Straight Hose Adapter

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The Camco RV 4N1 Straight Hose Adapter and Easy Slip 4-in-1 Elbow Kit helps connect your RV sewer hose to the dump station. It adds a lug fitting to your sewer hose. This product is ideal for hoses with failed parts or glued ends. The elbow’s tapered end accepts all 3-inch hoses and slipover fittings. This universal adapter fits into 3-inch slip or 3-inch, 3 ½-inch and 4-inch threaded pipe and fits all Camco sewer hoses and kits (including RhinoFLEX, RhinoEXTREME and Revolution). Product features a larger inside diameter for faster dumping and a clear elbow that allows you to see when your tanks are empty. Components separate for easy storage inside 4-inch bumpers. Patented.

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