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EazLift Gooseneck Adapter 15in - 30,000 lb. Tow Rating

EazLift Gooseneck Adapter 15in - 30,000 lb. Tow Rating

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Eaz-Lift's Gooseneck Adapter converts most standard fifth-wheel trailers to a gooseneck trailer. This allows you to have the convenience of towing two types of trailers with only one truck. You will also enjoy towing a fifth-wheel trailer without having a large hitch taking up the bed of your truck. The adapter is easy to install and comes with all of the parts and hardware needed for installation.

The adapter features a locking coupler for an easy hookup and disconnect, but you can also simply use an adjacent surge brake drum that is typically used when connecting a fifth wheel. This will prevent the adapter from swiveling under load, reducing the potential for damage.

Rating: 30,000 lb. tow rating (7,500 lb. vertical load)

Item: 48501-A

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