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RV Moisture Absorber - 5lb Bucket

RV Moisture Absorber - 5lb Bucket

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The Camco Moisture Absorber Bucket is an easy way to reduce humidity in your basement, closet, bathroom, boat, RV or any confined area! The moisture-absorbing agent acts fast to trap humidity and the fragrance-free beads do not impart any scent. One container of media will absorb up to three times its weight in water, and when it’s done you can safely empty the bucket. One bucket lasts up to six months.  Item #44282.  Weight - 6.1 pounds

  • Removes moisture from the air and traps it, reducing humidity in confined areas
  • Fragrance-free media reduces humidity without imparting a scent
  • Absorbs up to 3x its weight in moisture
  • Easy and safe to empty
  • 5 lb bucket lasts up to six months
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