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Rhino Adjustable Sewer Hose Drain Support Kit

Rhino Adjustable Sewer Hose Drain Support Kit

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The Rhino Adjustable RV Sewer Hose Support Kit is an adaptable sewer hose support that elevates your sewer hose to keep waste moving downhill. It features 6 independent troughs that cradle the sewer hose to keep it in place, can be adjusted for height, and can be set-up to make turns to avoid an obstacle or go over a curb. The legs of the Sewer Hose Support Kit can be staked into the ground for added stability, but they don’t need to be staked- they can also work on hard surfaces like concrete. When not elevated by the stakes, the distance between the ground and lowest part of support cradle is 1-3/4-inches; the distance between the highest part is 4-inches. With the stakes locked in place, the support cradle can be elevated up to 10-inches off of the ground. The troughs measure 30-inches long and nest for easy storage when not in use. Provides support for up to 20 feet of sewer hose length.

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