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Best Ways to Upgrade Your RV

Best Ways to Upgrade Your RV

Mar 26th 2024

Picture your home away from home as a functional, beautiful space that you can fully enjoy.

Nowadays, there are many unique upgrades that allow you to personalize your RV and make it your own. But, where should you begin? We’ve narrowed it down to provide you with the best ways to upgrade your RV — both inside and out.

1. Bedroom Comfort & Style

Ever toss and turn all night on an uncomfortable RV mattress? We’ve all been there before! Luckily, you can make your RV bed more comfortable using RV mattress springs.

These flexible, individual suspension bed springs will transform your RV mattress, making your bed feel extra cozy and relaxing. As you move throughout the night, the springs adjust to your body, offering better sleep and back support. Think of it as a personalized sleep experience while adventuring.

While comfort is important, don’t forget about style! Dress up your bed with some charming camping-themed RV bed sheet sets. Sizes are available in RV king, RV queen, and RV bunk.

Bedroom Comfort & Style

2. Bathroom Improvements

It’s no secret…RVs never have enough bathroom space. Fortunately, you can get creative and add items that either free up room or give you more storage. Over the door towel hangers and cabinet-mounted trash cans are a good place to start.

Bathroom Improvements

Your RV bathroom could also likely use a nice, functional upgrade with a new shower head. Usually, the ones that come already installed don't look as nice as aftermarket RV shower heads. As a bonus, the different spray patterns and convenient on/off switch help save water! Shower heads are simple to replace and are easy to switch out.

3. Kitchen Storage

RV kitchens can be made into functional spaces…with the right components. For example, more counter space can be created using an RV stovetop cover. These covers have a dual purpose: protect and hide burners while adding extra counter space.

Kitchen Storage

To free up cabinet space, Pop-A products offer simple and practical plate & bowl storage. Check out the Pop-A-Plate and Pop-A Bowl. These store all of your disposable plates or bowls in one convenient location (under your cabinet or shelf).

Kitchen Storage

There’s also the Pop-A-Drawer, which provides additional cabinet room. The drawer mounts under any flat surface.

Even more space-saving kitchen options include a mountable paper towel holder (installs to cabinet doors, walls, or under cabinets), and a mountable spice rack (holds your spice bottles against the wall or inside cabinets).

Need more countertop space? A kitchen countertop extension provides an extra 12″ and is suitable for food contact.

4. Outdoor Enhancements

If generator exhaust fumes is a concern while at tailgating events or RV rallies, consider a generator exhaust venting system. The venting system diverts fumes away from the ground and into the roofline, where it won’t be inhaled by neighboring RVers.

Now for some outdoor beautification! You can add a snazzy wrap around RV step rug to add a cushioned step and cut down on tracked-in dirt, mud, etc.

Awning and outdoor mats come in a variety of designs and sizes. They help keep your feet clean and prevent dirt/sand from being tracked inside.

Outdoor Enhancements

5. Better Drinking Water

Water filtration is absolutely essential. Unless you’re hooking up at home, you never know what the water quality will be when you hook up at the RV park. You need to make sure that the water coming into your RV is be suitable for drinking. Water filters ensure that your water tastes better, smells better, and is better.

Better Drinking Water

The absolute best in water filtration is a triple stage RV water filter that removes viruses, bacteria, lead, VOCs, cysts, giardia, bad taste, odors, chlorine, sediment, etc. from your drinking water. There are other great RV water filters available— proudly made in the USA!

Your campground water may also have hard water (water with a high mineral content). Hard water may be safe to drink, but it can cause more rust and corrosion on metal. It can also damage and wear down your water-consuming appliances. To reduce the hardness of your water, a portable water softener is an invaluable solution.

Better Drinking Water

6. Fresh Air Ventilation

Some fresh air and natural light do wonders! RV roof vent covers provide your RV with exactly this (rain or shine) by allowing you to keep your vent open. These covers are built with an aerodynamic design for high-flow ventilation and feature a built-in insect screen to keep out unwanted pests.

Fresh Air Ventilation

7. Storage Bay Security

Surprisingly, some RVs share the same storage compartment key type. If you have a compartment marked CH751, you (and many other RVers) don’t have a unique lock. If that’s the case, it’s crucial to get new storage bay locks that are specific to your RV, and your RV alone.

Storage Bay Security

New after-market locks are usually better made, are stronger and more resistant to theft. Updating your locks can keep you from becoming another theft victim. The price for new locks is a fraction of what it costs to be burglarized!

8. Fun Upgrades

Upgrades aren’t complete without adding a touch of fun! Some brands, like Life is Better at the Campsite were specifically created for adventurers who wants to share their passion in the little, everyday details. This has led to many great items that are filled with RV and camping-themed designs.

Now you can share your love of the campsite anywhere you go with any number of product, like: scrub rugs, anti-fatigue kitchen mats, dinnerware, tumblers, cutting boards, aprons, and more!

Fun Upgrades

So many options...

Whatever RV modifications you are looking for, there are countless solutions to help transform your RV into an even better space. Make camp living exactly what you want it to be! Experience all there is to RV living in a camper that meets your own unique specifications.

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